Hampshire Cricket Ticket FAQs

The ticket wallet in the Hampshire App is designed to make your life as simple as possible when you visit the Ageas Bowl. Here we will answer your frequently asked questions; and provide a brief step by step of how to make sure you have linked correctly. 

How long does it take for tickets to appear? 

The gap between purchase and the tickets being visible in your app shouldn’t be more than an hour or two. If you have waited more than a few hours between purchase and still can’t see them please get in touch with us via the help option at the front of the wallet. 

What sort of tickets can I see? 

You will be able to see all ticket types in the app. Whether you’ve bought a membership or an individual matchday ticket. You should be able to see all tickets you’ve bought pill through. 

I’m going with friends and family. Can I send them their tickets in advance? 

You can. In the top corner of all shareable tickets, you will see a share icon. This will generate a code which the person you are sending it to will be able to enter in their wallet. In order to receive a ticket, they will need to have created a FanScore account first. 

Share codes last 24 hours before they expire. 

Can I link more than one account?

You can, but all accounts you link will need to be verified. You will receive a confirmation email per account you try to link. 

It says I can link my ticketing by either my email or my account ID. How do I find my account ID? 

If you visit http://eticketing.co.uk/ageasbowl you should be able to see your name in the top right hand corner and a button which says ‘My Account’.  In the top box in that menu is a (usually) 6 digit number in brackets which is the number you can use here. 

Please note that transaction numbers will not enable you to link your accounts. 

How can I see which accounts are linked in my wallet? 

If you go to ‘Linked Accounts’ in the wallet menu, you can see all accounts you should be able to see tickets for in the app. 

What tickets should I be able to see?

You should be able to see every ticket for an event at the Ageas Bowl, or one you bought via eticketing.co.uk/ageasbowl. This will include events like the outdoor cinema events.