Announcement – Fijian Drua and InCrowd

The Swire Shipping Fijian Drua and InCrowd launch new website and extend managed services collaboration through 2024 season.

This latest update includes the addition of a selection of brand new features to the Drua website to drive even better experiences for Drua fans whilst complimenting and creating more cohesion with marketing delivery from InCrowd’s managed services team.

The new look, mobile friendly website is powered by InCrowd’s Content Management System (CMS) and is fully integrated with live sports data feeds from RugbyViz. This latest update brings real-time scores, player stats, breaking news, polls and a live blog directly to Fijian Drua fans. For the Drua digital team, forms and personalisation tools drive the capture data and more specific targeting of content. The new website also gives prominence to the Fijiana Drua, the current Super W champions, highlighting women’s fixtures, results and player profiles. 

With the 2024 Super Rugby Season now up and running, InCrowd are also excited to extend their collaboration with Drua across the planning and delivery of email marketing services which has so far seen an increase of 3.8% click through rate vs 2023. InCrowd’s Digital and Data Services team have also helped the Drua elevate their usage of the polls tool to spotlight leading commercial partner activations such as the ANZ form based predictor and TUIVT Fan Player Of The Match, which has led to a growth of 16% in their marketable database over the first month of the new season, of which 25% is now made up of international fans.

“We are really excited to take our digital transformation to the next level by launching the new Drua website alongside our continued collaboration with InCrowd across our marketing services.”, says Fijian Drua’s Head of Commercial and Marketing, Shane Hussein.”

“We maintain a shared focus on delivering the very best experiences for our fans, enabled by InCrowd’s deep understanding of how unique the club and its fanbase are. The team is fully invested in our success both on and off the pitch and we are looking forward to continuing our great work together.”

“To work with the Drua and see the club and fanbase grow so quickly over the last few years has been incredible” says InCrowd’s AU/NZ Head Of Partnerships Jack Eggleston. “The atmosphere at home games is truly special. We are excited to continue helping Drua carry that feeling through to their digital platforms, enabling the club to better connect with their fans and create equally great experiences for both local and international members of the Fijian Drua vuvale.”

About The Swire Shipping Fijian Drua

The Swire Shipping Fijian Drua, Fiji’s very own Super Rugby franchise continue to make waves in the one of the world’s toughest professional club rugby competitions. The dream to have a Fijian Club in Super Rugby was born 25 years ago, and finally became a reality in February 2022. The club may be relatively new, but with very strong roots. Fijian Rugby itself is 108 years old, and Fijian teams and players have established themselves among the world’s best.

The Fijian Drua identity and brand is unique and pays homage to the origins of the franchise name. The brand identity features the stylised version of the iconic drua, the renowned and powerful traditional Fijian sea vessel transporting warriors across the world’s mightiest ocean. Strong and extremely fast, it ruled the South Seas. It is befitting as a name and an identity for a franchise featuring players who are warriors on the rugby field, playing fast, powerful and fearless rugby.

The Fijian Drua franchise is made up of some of the region’s best rugby players, including Olympic Gold Medalists, international ‘Flying Fijians’, seasoned veterans and up and coming stars. At the helm, we have world class coaches and staff, led by Head Coach Mick Byrne. Every member of the Fijian Drua vuvale (family) is committed to sharing the joy of rugby with typical Fijian flair, both on and off the field.