Announcement – Arsenal FC and InCrowd

Arsenal to work with InCrowd to deepen connection with supporters 

Arsenal will work with digital transformation company, InCrowd, to implement a range of products designed to deepen connections with supporters around the world. 

InCrowd will introduce a combination of data and supporter activation technology to Arsenal’s existing supporter engagement capabilities. 

This includes InCrowd’s Fan Data Platform (FDP), which will enable Arsenal to better segment its supporter audiences and deliver them better-targeted and more relevant content, activations, and messaging.  

Arsenal will also implement InCrowd’s Single Sign On product across their digital channels, creating a much more streamlined experience for supporters, and enabling them to develop richer profiles to deepen their connection with the club. 

“Everything we do at Arsenal has the supporter at its heart”. says Arsenal’s Chief Commercial Officer, Juliet Slot. “They are the key to our success, and guide our activity across the whole club. I’m delighted to work with InCrowd on introducing new technology and techniques that will help us deepen the connection we have with our supporters around the world, and how we can use that to better serve them.” 

The progressive introduction of this new digital ecosystem will fundamentally change and enhance how and when Arsenal supporters interact with the club. It will drive increased frequency and longevity of interactions and ultimately deliver new, high value moments for supporters whilst unlocking even higher value commercial opportunities for Arsenal FC.

InCrowd CEO, Aidan Cooney says; “The selection of several leading InCrowd products marks the start of an innovative and collaborative initiative to create a truly connected digital environment. This will become the absolute pinnacle of audience experiences and InCrowd is proud to assist Arsenal FC’s bold and forward thinking team in bringing this vision to life.”