Announcement – CEV and InCrowd

The European Volleyball Confederation select InCrowd to advise and deliver on new data marketing strategy and implementation.

After a successful period of consultation and collaboration on a new digital and data transformation strategy, The European Volleyball Confederation (CEV) implemented InCrowd’s Fan Data Platform in October 2023 in order to source and collate a broader range of owned and third party data sources, resulting in a significant growth  in their marketable email audience. 

To achieve this, the InCrowd and CEV team produced a comprehensive data collection strategy that examined all digital touchpoints before identifying five key data capture points that would help supply and maintain the required data density needed for CEV to operate more successfully across Europe. 

One key data point was location, with a lead objective for the CEV being the ability to market their streaming platform effectively whilst adhering to TV partnership deals in certain regions. CEV are now able to capture, optimise and utilise location data in a centralised platform with location known for 96% of their total database. With more information held in the database, the CEV were able to launch an OTT reactivation campaign, targeting a segmented audience of unsubscribed users that generated a conversion rate of 22%.

“Fan engagement has been identified as a major priority to grow our sport and for this to happen, we do need to know our fans better, and have a clearer understanding of what they expect from us and what they would like us to deliver.” says CEV president Aleksandar Boričić.

 “Our partnership with InCrowd is of the utmost importance to pursue such a strategic goal and we look forward to continuing working together to bring fans closer to the sport and to the organisation, delivering experiences that they will enjoy and remember forever.”

InCrowd’s director of Digital and Data Services, Abby Cockayne says “We are delighted to be working alongside the CEV team to take their fan engagement to the next level, with data as the catalyst for this. Utilising InCrowd’s suite of data powered technology and supporting marketing strategy services marks the start of an innovative and collaborative relationship to create a truly connected environment and positive experiences for fans.”

About The European Volleyball Confederation

The European Volleyball Confederation (CEV) is the institution responsible for governing 56 National Federations throughout Europe and is recognised as such by the Fédération Internationale de Volleyball (FIVB).

The CEV’s primary goal is to promote Volleyball, Beach Volleyball and Snow Volleyball and to raise the status of our sport to a higher level. Whether the game is played indoors, on sand or on snow, Volleyball connects and brings people together – from children playing in their free time up to professional, elite athletes.

The CEV cultivates a strong sense of togetherness with all stakeholders, the Member National Federations, their national leagues, clubs, players, organisers, and other partners of European Volleyball, from grassroots level to the top events.

Announcement – Arsenal FC and InCrowd

Arsenal to work with InCrowd to deepen connection with supporters 

Arsenal will work with digital transformation company, InCrowd, to implement a range of products designed to deepen connections with supporters around the world. 

InCrowd will introduce a combination of data and supporter activation technology to Arsenal’s existing supporter engagement capabilities. 

This includes InCrowd’s Fan Data Platform (FDP), which will enable Arsenal to better segment its supporter audiences and deliver them better-targeted and more relevant content, activations, and messaging.  

Arsenal will also implement InCrowd’s Single Sign On product across their digital channels, creating a much more streamlined experience for supporters, and enabling them to develop richer profiles to deepen their connection with the club. 

“Everything we do at Arsenal has the supporter at its heart”. says Arsenal’s Chief Commercial Officer, Juliet Slot. “They are the key to our success, and guide our activity across the whole club. I’m delighted to work with InCrowd on introducing new technology and techniques that will help us deepen the connection we have with our supporters around the world, and how we can use that to better serve them.” 

The progressive introduction of this new digital ecosystem will fundamentally change and enhance how and when Arsenal supporters interact with the club. It will drive increased frequency and longevity of interactions and ultimately deliver new, high value moments for supporters whilst unlocking even higher value commercial opportunities for Arsenal FC.

InCrowd CEO, Aidan Cooney says; “The selection of several leading InCrowd products marks the start of an innovative and collaborative initiative to create a truly connected digital environment. This will become the absolute pinnacle of audience experiences and InCrowd is proud to assist Arsenal FC’s bold and forward thinking team in bringing this vision to life.”